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Zilis Ultra Boosters

January 19, 2019 4 min read 1 Comment

In addition to the UltraCell CBD oil products, Zilis introduced a complimentary line of Ultra products called “boosters.” Many people have seen the benefits of the full spectrum hemp CBD oil, but realize they may need some additional help in specific areas such as Sleep Support, Cognitive Sharpness, and Overall Homeostasis.

For that reason, Zilis introduced a complimentary line of booster products that work together with the UltraCell CBD oil to deliver the most benefit in specific areas. The Ultra boosters utilize a proprietary blend of hemp free, all natural botanicals called Mimetix™ to support the health and function of the endocannabinoid system.

A key takeaway with this line of products is that they are designed with the same water soluble delivery system as the UltraCell full spectrum CBD oil, so you can enjoy the same high level of absorption and bioavailability. Below we will take an in depth look at each one of the booster products and illustrate the key takeaways of each product.

UltraDream Full Spectrum Sleep Support

UltraDream Sleep Support Ultra Booster

Lets be honest, as many people try to cope with the increased pace and demands of daily life, oftentimes sleep can be one of the first thing that gets cut back, leading to potential health risks and performance deficiencies.

Many studies, like this one, have shown that the gap between getting enough sleep and too little sleep can lead to effects on mood, weight, and much more. In addition to a lack of sleep, many also suffer from a lack of quality sleep, which can be just as important as the duration of sleep.

Lets explore how our UltraDream Sleep Support product can be a breakthrough for those who wish to enrich the quality of their sleep!

The Mimetix™ Formula

In many cases, the conversation about the endocannabinoid system (ECS System) revolves around phytocannabinoids alone. The Zilis proprietary Mimetix formula takes ECS health to a whole new level.

The formula incorporates the following ingredients:

  • Phytocannabinoids
  • Alkamides
  • Terpenes
  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Cannabimimetics

The compounds cannabimimetics receive less notoriety than the more widely known Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, but contains what are believed to be the same pharmacological impact on the ECS as the hemp plant.   

Why should I take UltraDream?

  • UltraDream taps into the endocannabinoid system where it helps settle you into a gentle sleep.
  • Helps promote a deep restfulness.
  • Unlike other sleep aids, UltraDream contains no inconvenient side effects.
  • Dedicate 8 hours to sleep after using this product.

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Please take a moment to consult your doctor and read the important product information shown in our online store prior to purchase or use. This post is intended to provide product information and should not  be interpreted as medical claims or intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product has also not been approved by the FDA. Please conduct your own independent research before taking this product.

UltraDream Full Spectrum Sleep Support Supplement

UltraEdge Full Spectrum Cognitive Support

The UltraEdge water soluble cognitive booster is designed to empower your mental acuity, performance, and cognition.

Do you find yourself packing more and more into each day? Spending hours at a time scrolling through emails on your phone? running errands? Maybe you are taking the kids to after school activities, all while balancing more and more demands at work.

If you feel this way you are not alone! Over time, you may notice that this prolonged fast paced lifestyle may leave you feeling worn down with mind fog setting in, and some days you might feel mentally sluggish. This can be a problem as pressure grows to be sharp every day.

Why should I take UltraEdge?

  • UltraEdge is a water-soluble cognitive support product designed to help enhance your physical and mental productivity.
  • This product contains a proprietary blend of powerful nootropics along with the Zilis Mimetix™ formula. Nootropics are natural or synthetic substances that can be taken to improve mental performance in healthy people.
  • Each serving is packed with the fuel necessary to help you perform at your optimal level.
  • Designed to replace or reduce the use of coffee, sodas, and energy drinks, which can be very high in sugar and unhealthy to consume regularly.
  • Utilizes the Zilis proprietary water-soluble delivery system to maximize absorption and bioavailability.

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UltraICE Full Spectrum Homeostasis Support

The term homeostasis is not widely used, so if you’re like me you may be wondering: “What does homeostasis mean?”

In medicine, the word homeostasis is the scientific term for balance. You may be wondering: “Why is balance important?” Just like a high performance vehicle or well oiled machine, our bodies need everything to function with balance.

If something becomes unbalanced it can lead to potential side effects or deficiencies over time. Using a combination of curcuminoids and the Mimetix™ formula, UltraICE is designed to deliver hemp-free mind & body balance.

What are curcuminoids?

They are described as the bright orange pigments of Tumeric. They belong to a family of polyphenols which are known for their strong anti-inflammatory properties and ability to scavenge free radicals.

Short term inflammation can be necessary and helpful, but some research indicates that chronic long term inflammation may play a role in many Western diseases. Therefore anything that can help fight chronic inflammation may provide great benefits.

Why should I take UltraICE?

  • UltraICE delivers curcuminoids, which are much like cannabinoids to help modulate cannabinoid receptors. This helps the body regulate itself more efficiently. They act as an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  • Proprietary UltraCell water soluble formula allows for more dynamic and effective internal delivery.
  • Hemp-free alternative to Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.
  • Three-peak curcuminoids

1 Response

Susan Minnich
Susan Minnich

May 24, 2019

Took my first dose of ultracell last night and have never slept so well and was also able to bend over alot easier. Have had 2 back surgeries that left me with back pain . I know it’s early but can’t wait to see how well it works

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