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October 05, 2021 4 min read

According to a 2019 Gallup report, one in seven Americans uses cannabidiol (CBD) products. Other reports indicate that most Americans prefer using CBD to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, and arthritis because it is cheaper and safer than prescription medication.

So you may be a person who has tried or who regularly uses CBD oil. But you may be wondering: Does CBD oil expire?

Like most organic products, CBD oil products have expiry dates. While using expired CBD isn’t dangerous, it is likely not as effective as using fresh CBD products.

How Long Before CBD Oil Expires?

The best CBD companies sell CBD oils with shelf lives of one to two years. However, high-quality CBD oil can only last that long if you store it properly.

Also, different types of CBD oils have different shelf lives. For instance, full-spectrum CBD oil can last longer than CBD isolate and other highly processed CBD products that contain flavorings.

Since CBD loses its potency as it ages, most sellers tend to offer products at bargain prices as their expiration date draws closer. For this reason, before buying a CBD oil that’s on sale, always check the product’s expiration date. If the expiration date reveals that the product is old but not yet expired, remember that old CBD oil isn’t as potent as fresh CBD.

What Determines CBD Oil’s Shelf Life?

Here are a few factors that determine the shelf life of CBD oil:

  • Product Purity: Good-quality CBD oil that contains fewer impurities and additives usually has a long shelf life. That’s because every ingredient in a composite product has its own shelf life. If one ingredient goes bad before the others, it can compromise the quality of the whole bottle of CBD oil.
  • CBD Extraction Process: The top CBD manufacturers use the CO2 extraction method to generate a hemp extract with stable compounds. If the oil extracted from a hemp plant contains destabilized cannabinoids, it will have a shorter shelf life.
  • CBD Oil Type: Minimally processed CBD, such as full- and broad-spectrum CBD oils, have a longer shelf life than CBD isolates. That’s because a longer extraction process destabilizes the isolated CBD and reduces its potency and durability.
  • Container Type: CBD oil lasts longer when stored in amber or dark green bottles. Colored bottles keep CBD oil fresh by preventing harmful sun rays and air exposure from damaging the product.

How to Find a Good Bottle of CBD Oil that Lasts?

If you want to avoid buying poor-quality CBD oil that expires quickly, look out for these features.

Top-Quality Carrier Oils

Adding a carrier oil to CBD increases the product’s bioavailability. A higher bioavailability means that more of the product will enter your bloodstream, so you will feel its effects faster.

The right carrier oil can also increase the shelf life of CBD oil. The best CBD oils contain cold-compressed or expeller-pressed carrier oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil. Before you buy any CBD, read the packaging to verify the type of carrier oil it contains.

Proper Labeling

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires proper labeling for consumer protection. Many inferior CBD oil manufacturers use misleading labeling to hide the contents or shelf lives of their products. For this reason, only buy CBD products that have labels with transparent ingredient lists and realistic expiration dates (not more than two years).

Cannabinoid Profile

Ask for the CBD oil’s Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA should come from an independent testing facility and list the product’s cannabinoid profile.

The finest full- and broad-spectrum CBD oils typically contain terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids like:

  • Cannabidiol
  • Cannabigerol
  • Cannabinol
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • Cannabichromene

If you want a CBD product that doesn’t cause psychoactive effects, choose one with less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

How Does Expired CBD Oil Look?

If the label on a CBD product doesn’t show the best-before date, or you doubt the accuracy of the date on the label, you can tell if the product is still good by:

  • Smelling It: Unlike other oils, CBD smells less pleasant as it ages. When it’s fresh, full-spectrum CBD oil has an earthy smell.
  • Touching It: Good CBD oil should have a smooth texture and natural consistency when it’s at room temperature. If it’s cold, the product may turn thick and murky, but it will revert to its normal texture once it’s warm. After it expires, cannabidiol oil becomes cloudy and thick with an unappealing texture, regardless of the temperature.
  • Tasting It: Expired CBD oil tastes rancid, especially if it contains additives. Fresh and additive-free CBD should have an earthy taste.

How to Store CBD Oils?

Proper storage at room temperature is just as important as buying pure CBD oil if you want a product that lasts and delivers the results you want. Leaving CBD in excessive heat or exposed to direct sunlight will make it lose potency more quickly. Storing CBD products in the cold fridge can have similarly disastrous results.

The best place to store CBD oil is in a dry, cool, and dark place, such as a cupboard or drawer. Keeping CBD oil like this will protect it from direct sunlight. It will also extend the shelf life of your CBD by maintaining its temperature at 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 to 21 degrees Celsius.

If you’re storing CBD oil outside of a cupboard, extend the shelf life by keeping it away from radiators, humidifiers, and air conditioners. The heat, moisture, or cold from these appliances can compromise the quality and potency of your CBD. The same rules apply to storing CBD tinctures.

Can You Use CBD After It Expires?

Since expired CBD oil isn’t dangerous, you can still use it, but you may not get your desired results. Also, an expired CBD product does not taste or smell as good as a fresh one. Stay safe by only buying the freshest CBD and using it before it expires.

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