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February 24, 2019 2 min read

If you are new to CBD products or have been a CBD consumer for a longer period of time, most agree that it is important to find a brand that you can trust. If you look at how a Hemp Plant grows, it absorbs a lot of compounds around it. In some cases, hemp has been used to clean up oil spills or pollution because of it's ability to absorb harmful chemicals and clean the soil. This can be great for the environment, but the downside for consumers is that the plant composition and oils can be highly toxic. Even in normal growing conditions, the hemp plant can absorb heavy metals such as lead, pesticides, or any other harmful things that may be in the local environment. What does this mean for CBD Consumers? 

Given some of the risks, it is important to use products derived from organically grown hemp plants and make sure the products have been independently lab tested for safety. Many brands on the market claim to be organic and lab tested but it can be very difficult to access lab testing reports. When we are evaluating a potential product, we use the mentality of "trust but verify." We have found that many CBD products claim to be lab tested but oftentimes results can be very difficult to verify. 

How to view the Zilis 3rd Party Lab Test Results

Zilis is not only committed to quality products, which we have looked at in-depth in prior blog articles but in addition, Zilis is committed to providing easy access to lab testing. We have received a lot of questions on this topic and where to find Zilis' lab testing results, so below is a step by step guide to view the results on each specific CBD product. You can also view 3rd party lab results here.

Step 1: Remove the bottle from the box and find the QR code on the product label.

Step 2: Open a QR code reader on your phone. We use Lightning QR but there are several free QR code readers available for download for free. Once you open the app, scan the code on the side of your product. After scanning the code, you will see a screen like the one below-- click "open link."

Step 3: After opening the link, it will take you to a screen like the one below. Find the Lot No. on your bottle. It will look something like this: UCBB006-01. Click on the link that matches your Lot No. on the bottle.  


This will allow you to download your report. These reports are available on all of the Zilis CBD Products: UltraCell Lemon and Berry, UltraCell Topical. Check out the Product Collections to see which product might be right for you. 

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