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The Difference Between Zilis Ultracell Berry And Other CBD Products

July 26, 2023 1 min read

There is a significant difference between Zilis CBD and other CBD products available across the country. Choosing our Ultracell Berry full spectrum CBD oil provides you with the best quality CBD oil and ingredients to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Water Soluble CBD Oil

Our Zilis Ultracell Berry CBD oil ensures maximum bioavailability. The water-soluble nature of the product means the cannabinoids and other beneficial phytocompounds are quickly absorbed by the body, providing 30 times more absorption than other formulations.

Amazing Taste

Zilis Ultracell Berry has a fantastic taste that makes it ideal to use any time of the day or evening. Some CBD products have a very earthy taste that can be difficult for many people to enjoy. With high absorption rates and great flavor, working our Zilis CBD products into your daily routine is easy.

Quality Ingredients

We carefully select only organically grown hemp and other natural ingredients that are pesticide free. We test our products using a third-party independent lab, allowing our customers to shop with confidence. We post the lab results to provide full transparency for our customers.

In addition to full spectrum hemp, our Zilis Ultracell Berry CBD oil contains prebiotics and antioxidants that support your wellness goals. We carefully select the ingredients, including Acai berry extract, to create an exceptional product. Choosing from our selection of Zilis CBD products ensures a quality option in full spectrum CBD that is not available from other companies.

Browse the BuyitCBD collection, including Ultracell Berry CBD oil, today. Give us a call at 763-479-9385 with any additional questions.

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