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May 31, 2019 6 min read

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been given much praise in recent years for its countless uses. As it can interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body, hemp oil may be able to play a role in a variety of bodily functions. Research indicates that cannabidiol could support healthy skin, a stable mood, general wellness, and much more – so it stands to reason that CBD could play a role in healthier hair, too.

Today, we’re going to look at benefits hemp oil has for hair, as well as if hemp oil can repair damaged hair. Whether you apply the oil topically or take a serving of full-spectrum hemp oil daily, we’re going to tackle what you might expect it to do for your locks over time, in addition to your skin. Let’s dive into why your hair could love CBD.

CBD and Hair – What’s the Link?

When you use premium-grade hemp oil that utilizes the whole plant, you ensure the product is retaining the valuable resources it needs to help your hair.

The hemp plant is broken into three parts:

  • Flower – Contains linalool, a terpene from the hemp plant that could have anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it ideal to use for itchy or dry scalp conditions.
  • Seeds – Hair cell production is improved when you’re consuming the right amino acids daily, which hemp seeds conveniently contain.
  • Stalk – The fibrous material of the hemp plant, stalks could help texture and thicken the hair follicles.

Altogether, you can see everything that makes up a hemp plant, together, allows for a fuller and more effective experience for your hair. You’ll also get the most benefits by using a full-spectrum hemp oil compared to an isolate or even a broad-spectrum.

CBD is the Link to Ultimate Hair Care

A daily serving of hemp oil can regulate the amount of amino acids in your system, making your hair healthier in the process. In fact, 20 amino acids carry out every bodily function imaginable, and hemp happens to contain all 20 of those amino acids.

While our bodies can naturally produce 9 of these 20 proteins, we must ingest the rest through proper supplementation and diet. This means the fact that CBD contains all those amino acids as a handy complete protein means your job at maintaining your body’s health just got a whole lot easier.

This goes especially for the hair because CBD is particularly rich in four amino acids:

  • Cysteine – the most crucial essential amino acid of the bunch for healthy hair, it not only provides sulfur to hair cells, but cysteine is also the most abundant amino acid found in keratin’s genetic code
  • Methionine – another essential acid, methionine creates pre-collagen, the precursor to collagen (which can improve and maintain skin and hair health)
  • Lysine – the last of the essential amino acids for hair, lysine is also vital for the production of collagen, which becomes especially important as you age
  • Arginine – your body already produces arginine, so it’s a non-essential amino acid, but having more never hurts as it stimulates blood circulation, which is known to promote hair growth

Benefits of Hemp Oil and Hair

By now, hopefully, you’ve gathered there are quite a deal of benefits hemp oil may provide for the hair. We’re going to touch on the key benefits CBD offers that affect hair, but we also want to stress that taking CBD once may not provide all these effects.

In fact, most hemp oil users don’t experience significant improvement until they’re a few days or even a few weeks into a daily routine of taking CBD. It’s important to keep in mind that while hemp oil may help your hair in a pinch, it’s best to introduce it into your daily routine for optimal results that keep on giving. These benefits are going to touch on varying effects that you may expect after taking CBD over time.

Light on the Hair

The first benefit is something we may not all even think of when considering a haircare routine. You’ll notice a difference in how light your head feels using CBD oil compared to other hair care treatments. The hemp oil will stick to your hair follicles instead of being absorbed by them, which means your hair will be a lot more manageable.

Max Relaxation

It makes sense that a scalp massage might relax you through the stimulation, but CBD oil helps it go deeper than that. Directly under our skin lies a relay of cannabinoid receptors that link to the rest of the endocannabinoid system in the body. Massaging CBD oil into the skin, even on the scalp, allows it to reach those CBD receptors.

In short, scalp massages plus using CBD oil equals optimal relaxation tactics. Studies show CBD might have sedative-like properties, so this works as a double bonus if you do your haircare routine shortly before bed.

Moisturize with CBD Oil

Hair therapy is no stranger to essential oils – from Argan oil to Vitamin E oil, they’re all known to be valuable tools for moisturizing and soothing a dry or itchy scalp. CBD oil is no different, working like any other oil to moisturize and prevent red or irritated scalp. A CBD oil from the right brand is packed with hair-beneficial nutrients like Vitamin E and various antioxidants, which you need for a healthy head of hair.

How Hemp Oil Helps Damaged Hair

As hemp oil contains amino acids that can stimulate hair growth and a healthier appearance, it’s no far leap to see how hemp oil can work as a damage repair on hair. Keratin is the protein lost when hair becomes damaged, which is conveniently produced through the amino acids founds in CBD. Adding a dose of CBD means the extra proteins bind with the keratin left to coat the outer layer and strengthen each strand.

Like we mentioned, CBD oil can also moisturize the hair. Moisturized hair has less resistance to brushes and other styling tools, which means your hair is less likely to break or get pulled again in the future. Essentially, it relieves the damage your hair has already seen, but it also helps prevent further damage from happening.

For more information on CBD oil for hair health, read this Hairguard article!

Choosing the Right CBD Product

High-quality CBD products should be derived from the whole plant, ensuring you’re receiving all vital nutrients you could get from hemp. It’s important you use a product that allows for optimal absorption to benefit your hair the most. Studies show that the UltraCell Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, for example, has 30 times more absorption than typical CBD oils.

We extract cannabidiol from organically grown hemp, bringing with it cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds that come from the plant. As it has a negligible level of THC, refining any potential THC from it allows for a potent but THC-free formula. Let’s look at all the different ways you can use the right CBD oil for your hair.

Your Own Hemp Oil Hair Mask

Using our full-spectrum CBD oil, you can do more than just add drops to your scalp or ingest a daily serving. Make your hemp oil go the extra mile with a DIY hemp oil hair mask to get added benefits from other ingredients. You can have fun with it, but some ingredient ideas that also have benefits when applied topically are:

  • Honey
  • Ripe avocado
  • Banana
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Other oils like essential lavender oil, jojoba oil, or organic coconut oil
  • An egg

Overnight Hemp Oil

If you don’t have time to mix up a mask in the evening or just want something quick, you can massage hemp oil into your scalp before bed and just rinse in the morning. Try not to be too generous – two or more drops on your hair is more than enough for your locks to start soaking in all the nutrients.

Add it to Hair Dye

Hair dye and bleach can damage the hair, so adding hemp oil into your hair dye can mitigate any damage and protect your hair to a degree. Likewise, it acts as a protein filler, which is likely to make bright or vibrant colors much brighter.


When you use the right tools for the job, your hair care routine can be made easier, more efficient, and even improve your hair health over time. Hemp oil is a powerful aid in the fight against damaged hair, dry skin, and so much more, so we’re glad to have it in our arsenal.

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